The Best Reloading Tumbler

Reusing the brass cartridge cases of your bullets is probably the most significant savings you can achieve as a reloader, as it is one of the most expensive parts of a bullet to buy new. Several gun enthusiasts refill or reload their ammunition using specially designed reloading presses. Before you can reload the brass with the other elements of the bullet, you will need to clean the cases so that they can be easily inspected, prevent debris transfer to your dies, and allow your firearm to operate smoothly.

BefA reloading tumbler is a simple, easy, and cost efficient way to clean your ammunition in just a few hours. Before reloading tumblers, individuals had to wash their brass cartridges by hand with either a mix of water and citric acid or a rag to polish each case separately. Hot water can also be used to clean brass, but you can imagine the time it would take to clean hundreds of casings using any of the above methods.

How does a Reloading Tumbler Work?

To clean your brass with a reloading tumbler, place the cleaning media, such as a ground up mix of corn cobs’ woody rings or crushed walnut shells, into the tumbler along with your bullets and polishing powder. Next, close the lid, turn on the tumbler and come back a few hours later to your clean brass. The type of cleaning media to use depends on the cleaning required. Corn on the cob is an ideal solution if your brass needs a light buff, whereas crushed walnut shells will work best if the brass is extremely dirty.

When shopping for the best brass tumbler, you can choose between two distinct types – Rotary Reloading Tumblers and Vibratory Reloading Tumblers. A rotary reloading tumbler is fitted with a large bowl to hold the media and casings. The machine enables the barrel and the casings to tumble along with the cleaning media. A vibratory reloading tumbler or a dry tumbler is a recent innovation and has gained widespread popularity since its inception and for several good reasons.

The Top 2 Best Reloading Tumblers

Let’s look at the top 2 best reloading tumblers to get you on your way fast. These two below are tried and true tumblers, often gaining remarkable reloading tumbler reviews for their reliability and strength.

Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-Ez Case Tumbler

The Frankford Arsenal Reloader Tumbler is likely the best brass tumbler available in the market. It arrives with all the possible features to make cleaning your brass a rather seamless process and boasts a proprietary bowl design that boosts brass agitation for aggressive and fast cleaning.

This streamlined process consequently reduces wear on the reloading dyes and increases brass service life.  It is appointed with a clear lid that allows the user to get a clear insight into the tumbling action, and its cod mounted on/off switch offers safe and convenient operation.

  • Capacity for 350 223 or 600 9mm cases
  • Cord mounted on/off switch
  • Fast, easy, and economical to use

This tumbler from Frankford Arsenal arrives with all the bells and whistles to revive your brass to a new state. Viewing the brass through the lid eliminates the need to stop the machine from checking on its progress. The Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ reloader tumbler bowl is rather large and can comfortably accommodate several hundred cartridges in one go. Compared to other reloader tumblers in its segment, the tumbler definitely has an added edge for its sheer features at the right price. Whether you’re new to reloading or a seasoned reloader, the Frankford Arsenal reloader tumbler is a great choice.

Lyman Pro Sifter (115-Volt)

If you’re looking for a reloader tumbler that can clean a large volume of brass in a single cycle, 350 to be exact, the Lyman Pro Sifter (115-Volt) is the instrument to get your hands on. This vibratory style tumbler showcases an entirely new base complete with a revamped drive system, which was developed based on Lyman’s wealth of expertise in reloader tumbler performance.

The complete vibratory interface has been appointed with exciters for superb tumbling action and quick case cleaning. The Lyman tumbler also boasts a reengineered cooling system to ensure the long service life of the motor.

  • Best selling reloader tumbler in the Lyman range
  • Sifter lid for fast and simple media separation
  • Ability to accommodate 2 lbs of media and clean an impressive 350 cases per cycle

The Lyman Pro Sifter reloader tumbler is outfitted with anti-rotation pad mounts for a smoother, quieter, and better brass cleaning experience. It is probably the best brass tumbler you can get at this price and arrives complete with a sifter lid for easy sifting of media and casings at the end of the tumbling cycle. Having an onsite sifter eradicates the need to invest in another media sifter, making the Pro Sifter by Lyman a comprehensive solution for brass reloaders. A 1 year manufacturer’s warranty backs the tumbler, so you can rest assured knowing that it is built to last.