The Best Single Stage Reloading Press

RCBS is no stranger to the construction of high-quality reloading equipment, and they’ve been in business since 1950, based in Oroville, California. When interested individuals look for the best single-stage reloading press, one they can use for years and reload thousands of rounds with, they look for brands they can trust. RCBS fits that mold. They have elite customer support, tons of videos, instructions, and catalogs to help you get the maximum from your purchase. They have several reloading guides you can follow as well.

Thus today, we announce our pick for the top single-stage reloader is the Rock Chucker Supreme Press by RCBS.

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press is a sturdy and versatile choice for beginners and experienced reloaders. TIt contains 1 1/4-12 threads, and there are numerous add-ons for the essential press up to and including converting it into a 5-station manual indexing progressive loader with the addition of a Piggyback-4 conversion. A significant advantage of this single stage press is the upgradeability—n kit. Ty.

This enables users to reload all handgun calibers except 25 ACP and all rifle cartridges up to 30-06 Springfield length. You can try the press for a reasonable price, then upgrade without the learning curve of a new press.

Benefits You Come to Expect With This RCBS Reloader

Its frame material is cast iron, and this press targets loaders who want heavy-duty performance, case forming, and bullet swaging. In a joint effort, the RCBS block “O” frame and the compound leverage system can put in some serious work that would put other presses to shame.

The leverage action is comparable to a power punch press. When that leverage is compounded from amplified pressure from the handle, maximum work pressure is built up in the main ram traveling the entire stroke length. The handles are solid steel, made for ambidextrous usage, and you won’t have issues with the versatile and easy grip.

The ram stroke is 4 inches, giving you plenty of space for magnum ammunition. If you are reloading smaller ammo like the teeny seventeen, you will be impressed with the accuracy of the powder measure. This measuring accuracy is maintained even when using extruded powders. Unlike some models with no locking mechanism, the Rock Chucker press uses hex locking bolts. This is an advantage, especially when this RCBS reloader includes the hex key set with the kit.

The entire package includes the following:

  • Press,
  • Handle,
  • Primer catcher,
  • Handle nut,
  • Primer arm,
  • Large and small primer plugs and sleeves,
  • Coil spring

This single stage press was built to take on the most significant and baddest magnums down to .17 caliber. You can tell that some thought went into assembling this press. It contains two mounting holes, but the mounting hardware is not included as this varies by your table.

All that is needed are the dies for your particular caliber and shell holder, which, my friends, is true of even the most expensive presses. Buy this press with little doubt that you will be impressed. The price is suitable for budget people, usually around $150. Thus with the price tag being reasonable and the performance being that of a single stage price three times as much, you’re in for a great deal. If you have doubts, RCBS backs the Rock Chucker press with excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty.

Didn’t I mention instructions? Take a sneak peek at the Rock Chucker Supreme Press instruction manual to see what you’re getting with your purchase:

Still not confident with the particulars of a reloading press? Try out our top choice for a beginner single stage set today, the Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit.