On the Lookout – Best Reloading Press for Beginners

—- Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit —-

Let me dispel a myth right off the bat. If you are a reloader, you probably already have a favorite color ammo press. Regarding reloading for beginners, the question of how much to spend is good. We could have the best of everything we want in an ideal world. Here in the real world, we make choices based on our needs and our means to acquire them. There is a slight advantage in buying an overly expensive press to get started in reloading. You may feel buyer’s remorse or find things about other systems you like more as your knowledge of reloading grows.

Unveiling the Best Beginner Reloading Kit

That being said, we introduce the Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit, an excellent option for enthusiasts just starting and wanting to learn the ropes. Go ahead and scoff, you purchasers of overpriced trophy toys. This Lee reloader press kit is quite worthy when producing consistent loads repetitively.

Great Features You Can Come to Expect from Lee Precision

The body of this single stage Lee press is the tried and true “O” type. You may be surprised that the frame is cast aluminum. Don’t let this worry you, as other brands costing a few C-notes more have the same construction. The action of the press is smooth and fluid.

The kit includes the following:

  • Lee’s powder scale,
  • a powder measure,
  • powder funnel,
  • Two primer holders,
  • a chamfering and de-burring tool,
  • sizing lube,
  • primer pocket cleaning tool,
  • cutter and lock stud
  • Breech Lock quick change brushing
  • and an attachable tube to collect spent primers.

The Breech Lock quick change bushing allows you to change dies extremely fast, often before you can count to 20. You’ll need to pick up your dies and components needed to reload. You’d be wise to grab a couple of sets of these bushings for future use, so you don’t have to re-calibrate them after every change. Once placed correctly on your die, you’re set for the long term and won’t have to adjust it again. This enables you to get consistent results every time, and time isn’t wasted.

This kit can load everything from small centerfire cartridges to lengthy magnums. The large and small “safety prime” will prime most cartridges, whether pistol or rifle. The press is sturdy and intuitive. The powder measure throws reasonably consistent charges. Remember, the scale is there to back up your powder measure, and the scale is relatively easy to use. However, there is one complaint about this press kit; the scale isn’t up to snuff, often has friction, is not measuring accurately, and feels “cheap.” Some owners have invested in a digital scale to avoid frustration.

Other Benefits Of the Lee Reloader Kit

Important for beginners is to have detailed instructions for setup, and Lee doesn’t disappoint, offering up pictures and installation instructions to have the Precision press up in 90 minutes. Furthermore, several YouTube videos help with aspects of the setup that aren’t clear. They might as well be your setup assistant. Beginners will want to dedicate an area of their home for this since they’re dealing with precision measurements regularly.

It’s hard not to appreciate what you’re getting in a kit at this price. For beginners, it’s a very durable and well-built press, and you should have no doubts about its worthiness. With this kit, you’ll find yourself taking your time through the steps, and that’s generally the idea when becoming a starter reloader. This Lee Reloading Press kit helps you focus on what you’re doing, with the guarantee you’ll become faster and more efficient as time goes on. Soon you’ll find yourself like many other Lee Reloader press owners who have reloaded thousands of rounds of ammo!

Find you’re not enamored with reloading your ammo? Then you’re not out a ton of money and can pass it on to a friend who wants to give it a whirl.

To complete this Lee beginner single stage reloading press set, you can rest comfortably knowing they stand behind an unconditional two year guarantee if you’re unsatisfied or issues arise. After that, you’ll get half market value for life. There are also reports of Lee handling customer service requests fast and efficiently to provide replacement parts or answers to common questions.

If starting, don’t overpay with a Dillon, Hornady, or RCBS. Lee is the perfect starting press to get you up to speed.