The Best Reloading Scale

The Best Reloading Scale

Handloading or reloading is a cost-efficient way of crafting your own rounds as opposed to assembled factory loaded cartridges. The process entails buying each individual component of a shell and putting it together yourself. These parts include the primer, gun powder, bullet and brass or shot shell. Using handloading or reloading tools such as reloading scales are a preferred choice for discerning shooters who’d like to improve their performance and accuracy. By using a high quality reloading tool and the top reloading scales, you are able to make the smallest changes to your bullet to improve your accuracy.

So if you’re a savvy or avid marksman, a reloading scale is an important accessory to have in your arsenal. Reloading scales enable an individual to accurately gauge the amount of powder that is going to be placed in each piece of brass or round. It also proves invaluable for sorting cases by weight, checking bullet weights, weighing primers, and verifying case volume by water capacity among others.

The Different Types of Reloading Scales

There are two different types of reloading scales to choose from – traditional balanced beam scales and a digital scales. The only noteworthy feature of a balanced beam scale compared to digitized versions is that is uses gravity to render results, which can be highly inaccurate. Adding to this, they do not use any battery power compared to digital reloading, but this aspect should not affect your choice considering they usually require just 2 – AA batteries to keep them going for more shooting adventures you can embark on in a year.

Balance beam scales have been the mainstay for freeloaders until the advent of digital versions. Although both scales are designed to render results in the ballpark of one tenth (0.1) of a grain in order to be a perfect fit for most reloading operations, balanced beam scales are generally off by a few points, which is a significant difference to ignore especially when dealing with gun powder. Another added advantage of digital reloading scales is that they are easy to use, calibrate and deliver results much quicker than their beam counterparts.

The Top 2 Best Reloading Scales

Choosing a scale for reloading can be a very personal decision but there’s no doubt some choices are better than others if not for the shear volume of positive reloading scale reviews available on the web. Let’s look at the ones with the highest marks and that also fall into our list of preferred choices.

Frankford Arsenal Reloading Scale

It boasts a 1/10th grain accuracy to help you achieve capitalize on your handloads. This reloading scale is appointed with a large, high contrast backlit display that makes it easy to read even in low light conditions, and arrives with a clear plastic cover to protect it against nicks and bruises that may occur during storage and transport.

Highlights of the Frankford Arsenal Reloading Scale

  • 50 gram or 750 grain capacity
  • 1 grain (0.01 gram) accuracy
  • Included carry pouch holds pan, scale and calibration weight
  • Auto shutoff after 60 seconds
  • Counting and tare functions
  • Measures in grams, grains, carats and ounces
  • Integrated protective cover
  • Auto calibration

The Frankford Arsenal reloading scale is outfitted with easy to use controls, making it perfectly suited for both novice and seasoned shooters. These make it relatively easy to change the counting, tare weights or units. Battery life is maximized as the scale shuts off automatically after 60 seconds of inactivity. In the box, you receive a carry bag, powder pan, calibration weight, 2 AA batteries and the scale itself. Unlike other digital reloading scales in the market, the Frankford Arsenal reloading scale features a sleek design and compact footprint, making it easy to retrieve and store away as needed.

RCBS Rangemaster 750 Scale 9v-dc / 110V-AC

The sleek and compact RCBS Rangemaster 750 reloading scale boasts a 750 grain capacity and delivers a class leading ±1/10 grain accuracy. It ships with not one but two precision calibration weights, which can either be displayed in grams or grains. It is important to note that the RCBS scale is designed for use with smokeless powders only and not black powder that is used in muzzle loading firearms.

Highlights of the RCBS Rangemaster 750 Scale

  • Large display
  • Sleek and compact footprint
  • Comes with two calibration weights
  • 750 grain capacity
  • Measured can be had in grains or grams
  • Superior ±1/10 grain accuracy
  • Can be used on AC power with the included charger or a 9 volt battery (sold separately)
  • Designed for black powders only

RCBS is a leading manufacturer of class leading products, such as the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press, our pick as the best single stage reloading press, and the RCBS Rangemaster 750 reloading scale is no different. It is the perfect choice for shooters that demand nothing less than the best and is backed by a 1 year limited warranty and is the perfect and a must have for a casual or serious shooter.