The Best Turret Press

—- Lee Precision Classic 4 Hole Turret Press —-

A Turret press is very much like a Single Stage press (one die acts on cartridge at a time).  The difference is the turret is able to contain many dies at the same time so one has the ability to manually index from one die to another quickly. Some are able to auto-index too (as is this one) so that you don’t have to do it yourself each time. Turret presses don’t eliminate the number of lever strokes per completed round, but they help speed up the process with indexing capabilities, allowing an experienced loader to load up to 200 rounds per hour. They are ideal for handgun or rifle reloaders.

Revealing the Best Turret Reloading Press

The Lee Precision Classic 4 Hole Turret Press is undoubtedly one of the most coveted presses on the market. A closer look at its characteristics will demonstrate why this is so.  One of the major pluses lies in the fact that this has been designed and developed by the world-renowned Lee Company. This trusted brand has been around for decades, and with the level of quality offered without compromise, we can expect a whole lot more as time goes by.

This turret reloading press by Lee is known as one of the most flexible and seamless presses to own, with an Auto-Indexing feature that is inherent within the press but that can be deactivated with ease, leaving the ram with 3-9″ of stroke length. We offer a comprehensive full review of this press below as well as a separate review here.

Expectations of the Lee Classic Turret Press

The following are a few of the outstanding features of the Lee classic turret press that give it the edge over other turret press brands and models:

  • Versatility

One of the biggest advantages of using the Lee Classic Turret is the mere fact that it is extremely versatile, allowing for the reloading of multiple ammunition provided that the requisite dies are available. This simply implies that one press can be used to load casings for different caliber weapons without the need for additional presses. Many owners have successfully used it for ammo .38 Special, 357 Magnum, .45 ACP, .45 Colt, .223 and .308, among many others, and can be easily loaded with this press.  In addition, rifle cases of over 3 inches in length can also be loaded with ease using the automatic index, thanks to the presence of the long stroke.

  • Durability

The Lee Turret press is also known for its robust design and overall durability. Its heavy duty construction gives it the edge over regular reloading presses.  It is engineered with a rigid cast iron frame with heavy duty construction that stands up to the demands of the constant reloading of ammo. Added to this is the presence of solid steel linkage that adds more robustness to the entire assembly making it an ideal Turret press for the job.

  • Speed and Convenience

There are reloaders with time on their hands who believe in the value received from a single stage press, and there are others who [easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B008M5TSCG” cloaking=”default” height=”330″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”″ width=”500″]must consider the time they have to reload. That is one of the reasons why the Lee 4 Hole Turret press makes all the difference. With this semi “progressive” press, as it is often referred to, many different caliber ammo can be reloaded once their dies have been inserted.

This is an upgrade over the single press systems, whereby customers would have to stop the process and change the dies in order to load different caliber ammo. This simply implies that less work is needed while reloading and that the process is faster when compared to our equally as fantastic best single stage press recommendation.

The auto-index can be disengaged by removing the shaft that indexes the turret. With shorter length cases, indexing can be avoided by slightly lowering the ram since the turret rotates when the ram is all the way down.

  • User Friendly and Ease of Use

Most beginners are extremely concerned about the use and mastery of any reloading press. With the Lee Turret press, they can rest assured that the manufacturers have taken this into consideration. Apart for the overall ergonomic approach to its design, this press was also manufactured for users at any stage. Whether you’re a master at reloading or simply a newbie, this press will work for you.

Another issue of concern is usually related to getting started with your press. As soon as you receive it, you should be able to start using the Lee Classic. It comes equipped with an easy to use guide that breaks down the steps into simple steps and if that isn’t enough, this YouTube video gives you an 18 minute visual walk through.

  • Cost

Considering all of the major benefits of this package, it is safe to say that the Lee 4 Hole Turret press is perhaps the best Turret press for the money. Affordability plays a big role in narrowing down on the options available. That’s why so many customers are turning to this reloading system because at just over $100 for a press that will have you reloading ammo faster than your single stage option, you’ll be plenty pleased. It also contains an unconditional 2 year guarantee from Lee Precision if anything goes wrong or is unexpected.

It’s hard not to like Lee reloading presses (check out our others). View the video below to get an up close and personal view of what you could soon own.