The Best Progressive Reloading Press

—- Hornady Lock and Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press —-

A progressive press is a perfect option for high volume reloaders who want to churn out hundreds of rounds per hour. They get the job done quickly but require advanced set-up knowledge, plus additional time and maintenance to keep everything running well. The beauty behind a progressive loading press is that all stages of the loading press are completed automatically. It’s a step above a turret press that requires more manual intervention. Thus, a single pull of the handle results in one loaded round, leading to rounds being cranked out in a fury.

bcusePistol and rifle shooters find a progressive press feasible for their ammunition needs. These presses have about 4-5 die stations to hold all the dies needed for reloading, powder measures, and other specialty dies. Time will be spent switching between calibers because various adjustments must be made.

Exposing the Best Progressive Reloader

Hornady Manufacturing is one of the world’s leading innovators regarding bullet, ammunition, reloading tools, and accessory designs. The Hornady Lock and Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press is our call as the best progressive reloading press, indeed, one that has opened our eyes due to high quality construction, durability, speed, and price. This Hornady reloading press defines convenience and keeps you loaded as often as you want.

It has been professionally designed by experts to handle reloading rates of up to 500 rounds per hour, putting it at the forefront of most reloading presses on the market.

The Hornady Lock n Load is crafted with an inbuilt quick tool change technology that makes switching dies fast and easy. Imagine a reloading press capable of providing a momentary switch of your crimp dies, pistol dies, rifle dies, check dies, powder dies, and bullet seaters without ever having to replace the entire die head. The Hornady reloader provides that kind of service without the hassles. In addition, clients seeking to change one or more dies can do so with ease, thanks to the presence of the “one quick twist” mechanism that makes the process relatively easy to handle.

This top features significantly enhance the overall performance of this reloading press. The press comes fitted with a 5-station bushing system that guarantees a quick changeover from 223 to 45 in a matter of minutes. Any other features justify why this press is considered a top choice by most ammo reloading customers and enthusiasts.

Elite Hornady Lock N Load Reloading Press Features

  • EZject System

Unlike other models, the Hornady LnL press comes equipped with a special system that allows the cartridges to be carefully and safely ejected as soon as they are reloaded. This feature speeds up the reloading process and ensures that the ammo is appropriately managed in a more organized manner.

  • Collecting Tray

Together with the EZject system, a collecting tray has been strategically fitted at the edge of the point of ejection to collect all cartridges ejected from the Hornady press safely. This uniquely designed tray can then be offloaded into a cartridge storage compartment. Once again, safety and proper workplace organization are key elements that have been considered in the design of this reloading press.

  • Case Retainer Spring

This unique feature is designed to keep all cartridges in place, regardless of the caliber in question; the case retainer spring is relatively flexible, allowing for the removal and replacement of cartridges during any stages of reloading.

  • Automatic Indexing System

Unlike other regular presses, the Hornady reloading press facilitates smooth and easy cartridge reloading without difficulties. The process is even improved, thanks to the special ergonomic approach used; instead of a single downstroke indexing, each station meets the other halfway, with a half stage on the upstroke and a half setting on the downstroke. The redistribution of the overall indexing process is smoother than different types that do the indexing on just the down stroke.

  • Case Activated Powder Drop

The Hornady Lock and Load features a case activated powder drop uniquely engineered to deliver the right amount of gunpowder whenever the casing is in the correct position during the reloading process. One of the most significant advantages of the case activated powder drop mechanism is that it prevents accidental gunpowder spillage and helps administer the correct quantity with every use.

  • Priming System

Need a change from a large to a small primer? All you need to do is change the primer seater punch, primer shuttle, and primer feed tube, and you’re done. It’s that easy.

  • User Friendliness

Apart from the overall ergonomic design, it’s essential to note that the Hornady reloading press is engineered for use by anyone within the range of beginners to experts. Although many customers are familiar with the basics of reloading, more interactive and hands on experience can be acquired using videos, such as this detailed guide on YouTube. The Hornady reloader also contains a lifetime factory warranty.

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