Lee Precision Classic Cast Press Review

Lee is a name most reloaders know very well. Around folks who know guns and reloading, the name Lee instantly conjures up a picture of a classic, fire engine red single-stage reloading press. The combination of the bright red and cast iron design has long given a Lee press its look and has been a standard in the reloading community.

Lee makes various reloading equipment, from single stage and turret presses to scales and dies. Lee’s reputation has always been high. The gun, “Made in America,” still means something to most people. The Lee Precision Classic Cast Press is made here in America with recycled iron from railroad tracks. The Lee classic loader has no plastics, polymers, or aluminum. There is just good old fashioned iron. The Lee Precision Classic Cast Press guarantees you decades of reliable service.

Lee Precision Classic Cast Press

The Classic Cast press is one of the most highly rated presses in reloading press reviews, and that’s not just due to the nearly perfect rating on Amazon.com. The Classic design and simplicity of use are an instant advantage to beginning reloaders. The single stage action is effortless and keeps reloading from being a daunting or intimidating task to a new shooter. A single stage press allows a new reloader to intensely focus on the job without getting ahead of themselves. This allows for a safer reloading experience and will enable one to learn the basics of reloading. The slower reloading rate often tends to produce more consistent and accurate ammunition.

That said, the Lee Classic Cast Press shouldn’t be viewed as simply a beginner’s press. The Lee classic loader is capable of reloading both pistol and rifle rounds. This press is perfect for doing those heavy operations, which could involve case resizing, breaking down standard .30-06 to a .25-06, or reforming the case. This beast of a press can handle rounds up to the 50 BMG round. As a pistol ammunition reloader, it’s perfect for beginners, but as a rifle round loader, the press is excellent for beginners and seasoned veterans.

Top Features to Consider

That good old American steel makes this Lee classic loader a heavy beast. The overall construction of the press is extraordinary. I strongly suggest an excellent bench to hold securely and drilling holes to sink the lag bolts. The handle provides the most extended stroke available but is adjustable to give the smallest amount of travel necessary. The handle can also be set up for right or left. A standard setup for right handers can be a real deal breaker for us southpaws.

The Lee Precision Cast Press also features two primer arms, one for large primers and one for small primers. The design also allows the primers to drop into a trash bin below the ram, which makes reloading more convenient and less messy. Less time spent cleaning is more time spent reloading. The Start and Stop position is adjustable with a ratchet style handle clamp that features a 48 tooth design. If you’re a reloader commonly using 1 1/4″ dies, this Classic Cast is an excellent option because it accepts the larger dies.

The Lee Precision Cast Press often gets high press on any number of reloading press review sites not only for its heavy-duty construction and many features but also for its cost. The Lee Precision Classic Cast Press costs well under what most presses with these features usually cost. It’s comparable to the Rock Chucker Supreme in consistency and performance but at just a fraction of the cost. Many swear by the Lee because it’s similar and can’t justify the price difference versus the RCBS. At just over $100, you may be able to find cheaper presses out there. Still, if you are, they are most likely barebones presses without the ambidextrous handle, made in China, or the maker uses polymers or aluminum in its construction. This press is worth taking a chance on for the price, reliability, and positive reviews.

Lee also stands behind their products; if there’s a problem, malfunction, or break, it’ll fix it to the best of its ability. That’ll help you sleep better at night.


So what’s the catch? There isn’t much to dislike about the Lee Precision Cast Press. The biggest flaw, if you want to call it that, is the speed at which one can reload. Reloading a bulk amount of pistol ammo will take a little longer with a single stage press. This is true for all single stage presses and isn’t specific to this press.

The only other minor quibble I had was the handle. The handle is a hollow shaft with a ball mounted at the top. Some may prefer the ball for leverage, but I’ve always liked a straight handle, but this is purely a personal preference.

From the beginner to the expert rifleman, the Lee Precision Classic Cast Press is an excellent press made from the utmost highest quality components. The press is slammed full of unique features at a very competitive price. Fire this one up and get started within the day.