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Review of Lee Precision Load Master 9-mm Luger Reloading Pistol Kit

Learning to shoot is undeniably a thrilling experience, but this learning curve can get expensive, unless of course you have a high quality loading press to reload your own cartridges or shells. The 9-mm Lee Load Master is a class leading reloading pistol kit with a few design flaws, which we will highlight in this unbiased Lee Loadmaster review. It is made of heavy duty cast aluminum and boasts several advanced features for a long service life.

The Lee Loadmaster Package

This Lee reloading press is made with the same precision and dependability as all the other Lee products, comes with a very fair price tag and includes the following components inside the kit:

  • Removable turrets
  • Bullet seating die
  • Powder measure
  • Easy change shell plate
  • Loader round ejector and case catcher
  • Primer feed
  • Four automatic tube case feeder (pistol calibers)
  • Complete length sizer die
  • Powder through expanding die

The Lee Loader is designed to make bullet case loading an enjoyable, cost efficient, easy, straightforward and therapeutic experience. It allows you to load singly or progressively without any mess such as spilling powder or components. If you’re looking for a loading kit that is able to load both 9-mm rifles and handguns, the Lee Loader pistol kit will not disappoint.  This massive press is outfitted with five stations, making it easier to factory crimp and post size.

In addition, the 9-mm Lee Load Master is compatible with all major brands of dies, which are secured by a removable turret, which makes it easy to remove and reinsert them without any adjustments. It’s hard chrome plated ram (1 3/4″) and grease fittings ensure it will last for years to come, and make it perfectly suited for large size magnum rifle cases.

Features of the 9-mm Lee Loadmaster

  • Removable turrets
  • Primer catcher is easy to empty, making it easy to catch every primer
  • Compatible with popular brands of dies
  • Positive & foolproof priming system
  • Wedge lock and automatic indexing
  • Ram is 1 3/4″ in diameter

What we like about the 9-mm Lee Loader?

For starters the priming system isn’t perfect, but it’s unlikely you’ll have an issue but be sure to use only Winchester and CCI reloading primers and avoid softer ones such as Federal. This 9-mm press is easy to operate once you get acquainted with the presses workings. After proper setup, you should spit out high quality rounds in no time. Furthermore, there are a number of videos on YouTube to help you with the assembly process. Adding to this, the Lee Loader arrives with a Lee Precision Pro Auto Disk, and a three die set namely de-prime/resize, powder through expander, and a bullet seating die.

The warranty of this press is arguably one of its biggest features, and covers the product against normal wear and tear for two full years, and will be repaired or replaced at no cost whatsoever. Lee also offers reconditioning of the 9-mm lee load master regardless of its age or condition including a new guarantee upon receipt of payment of half its current retail price.

What could be improved?

The 9-mm Lee Loadmaster doesn’t come with a cartridge chamber, which can be bought separately. This however may not be a significant area for concern for those used to loading the cartridge chamber by hand. The instructions included with the package may seem a bit vague and overwhelming considering that there’s a fair bit with regards to ammunition loading safety. But this is premium advice that simply shouldn’t be ignored regardless of whether you’re a newbie or experienced re-loader. Another peeve is that the machine ships with all the dyes, but none of them are calibrated, which must be done by referring to the user manual.

Final Thoughts

The 9-mm Lee Load Master is a great machine for beginner and seasoned gunners. It does however have room for improvement, but no device is perfect so issues are bound to crop up. To add to this, it is built of high quality and ships with everything you need to get started, but it highly recommended that you read the instructions carefully and understand the hazards involved before using the unit. If you’re looking for an absolute beginner single stage reloading press, you should check out the Lee 50th Anniversary model here.